Bed Bugs

bed bug exterminator richmond hillBed bug Exterminator Richmond Hill. Bud bug infestation is a real annoyance as bed bugs can really destroy a good night’s sleep. Their bites can keep you up all night and such an infestation surely does not throw a good impression when you have guests staying over. Bed bug infestations at work too can result in a lousy impression on your clientele and customers. It is best to seek professional help when trying to get rid of these pests.

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While there are many bugs and critters that can make you feel taken over and grossed out in your home, one of the worst type of critters to be infested with is the bed bug. Bed bugs do not normally carry diseases, but they can be extremely annoying since they feed off human blood. Waking up to a pile of bed bug bites on your body is no fun, and these critters are not easy to get rid of, either. If you notice any signs of bed bugs in your home, be sure to thoroughly inspect your home and bring in a professional pest control expert to assist you in the removal of these bugs.

Signs of Bed Bug Infestation – Bed Bug Exterminator Richmond Hill

When you or a loved one wakes up one morning with a line or cluster of itchy, red welts on your body, you may begin to wonder what they could be. Many times, these bites are confused with mosquito bites. However, bed bugs will normally bite their victim and leave a line or cluster of welts. Whereas a mosquito tends to only bite one time and fly away. These bites may be the first indicator that you have a bed bug infestation, but once the infestation becomes worse, you may begin to notice other signs as well.

If you suspect that your home may be infested with bed bugs, take notice and watch for these other signs of an infestation:

  • Skin shedding or egg shells found in areas where the bugs like to hide
  • Tiny white eggs that are hidden in the creases of your furniture
  • Blood stains on your mattress or sheets
  • Bug droppings alongside your bedding and walls in a rusty colour
  • A musty odour in your room or living room where the bugs are hiding

Just because you do not have all of these indicators of an infestation does not mean that your home is not being invaded by bed bugs. If you have one or more of these signs and have been dealing with bug bites, it’s time to call in a professional for extermination services to immediately get rid of the problem.

Types of Bed Bug Extermination

There are a few ways that you can attempt to remove bed bugs from your home on your own, however, not all of them work and they are not as effective as hiring a professional. A pest control expert will know exactly how to handle the situation and have the training to know which method of extermination will work best. Each method serves a different purpose and the technician will know which one is the appropriate method to use for your home extermination.


This extermination method is considered one of the safest and most effective because there is no chemical involved and high heat temperatures are known to kill bed bugs. The steamers only contain hot water, so this method is completely safe around your family and pets. Steamers will reach around 180 degrees and dry out the bed bugs at around 115 degrees. While using this method, it’s important to have all electrical outlets covered to prevent the steam from entering.


This method of treatment is becoming increasingly popular as a non-toxic pest control treatment. With the use of rapid-freezing by spraying CO2 snow at -110 degrees Fahrenheit, this ensures that the bugs are dead. Without any poisonous insecticides, this makes for a popular treatment choice, however, it’s important to take caution to avoid freezing any electrical appliances around the home.

Heat Technique

During the heating process of treatment, a residential dryer can be effectively used at its highest setting for a full 15 minutes. To avoid further infestation, items should be left sealed for a total of 24 hours or more.


If you aren’t opposed to using chemicals, you may opt-in for insecticide treatment. The different chemicals that are typically used are propoxur, permethrin, chlorpyrifos, cyfluthrin, resmethrin, and fenvalerate. These are normally introduced as a dust or spray to kill the bed bugs. However, it’s becoming more known that certain insecticides are not as effective in killing bed bugs since they are becoming immune to the chemicals.

Why Hire a Licensed Bed Bug Exterminator Richmond Hill

You may consider handling the infestation on your own and taking matters into your own hands, however, a professional exterminator is trained properly to handle all types of infestations. By hiring a professional exterminator, you will end up saving time, money, and the frustration of dealing with it by yourself. Professionals can also thoroughly inspect your home and treat all areas appropriately with the best methods for removal. They will also advise you of the best prevention methods to ensure you do not have an infestation in the future.

When you hire a professional, they will expect you to have your belongings piled together and move furniture that may be in their way. Bedding should be stripped and washed in hot water. All light switch covers should also be removed for proper inspection.

Once the inspection is completed, the technician will provide your home with the necessary treatment and possible return for further treatments and inspections. This is to ensure that no bed bugs survived the previous treatment. Depending on the severity of the infestation, you may be required to replace your mattresses and possibly even your furniture. It’s highly recommended to hire a professional exterminator to guarantee your best chances at having a bug-free home.

How to Prevent a Bed Bug Infestation

There is no guarantee that you will prevent a bed bug infestation, but preventing them from occurring can greatly reduce your chance of sharing your bed with these critters.

Here are some easy ways to prevent an infestation:

  • Whenever you travel or visit other people’s homes, thoroughly inspect the room that you will be sleeping in for any signs of bed bugs
  • Be sure to keep all of your luggage outside of the room until you have finished inspecting for bugs
  • Always keep your bags high up off the floor and away from furniture while you are sleeping away from home
  • Remember to wash your clothes in hot water after you return home just in case you may have come in contact with bed bugs
  • Use caution when you are gifted second-hand items and thoroughly inspect and wash them in high-temperature water
  • Keep your home de-cluttered

Bed bug infestations are no fun to deal with, especially when you become a victim of their itchy bites. Luckily, there are simple and effective methods for prevention and removal so that you no longer have to live with these critters. The absolute best option and recommendation is to hire a professional exterminator to ensure that your home is properly inspected and treated. If you suspect a bed bug infestation, contact our team today to receive a thorough inspection and talk about treatment options.

Bed Bugs – Biology and Behaviour

Bed bugs get the name from the obvious fact that they usually infest areas on and around the bed. The reason is that bed bugs feed on blood and the best time to grab a meal is when the host is asleep and is less likely to feel the bite or react to it. Bed bugs mainly feed during the night time. They crawl out of the little corners and crevices on the bed or from around the seam of the bed sheet and bite their hosts. And even though their bite is not known to have caused any serious disease, the itch and rash it leaves behind is bad enough. There is also the feeling of the bites that can keep you up all night.

Bed bugs can thrive in any environment and can infest even the cleanest beds in the cleanest homes. They feed on blood and as long as they have access to blood, they will breed and multiply. So while keeping your home clean may reduce the chances of bed bug infestations, it doesn’t wipe out the possibility altogether.

Bed bugs can go for over 300 days without a meal. Even their eggs are said to withstand some of the strongest pest treatment methods. Getting rid of bed bugs is quite a task as it needs to be exterminated from every corner of the infested property. It is hence; best to leave this job to the professionals.

Reliable Bed Bug Exterminator Richmond Hill

Bed bugs can breed and multiply quickly, so even before you know it a few bugs can grow into a whole infestation. It is best to detect this problem at an early stage and avoid an even larger infestation.

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