Where Do Bed bugs Come From?

Bed bugs are the nastiest uninvited pests you could have in your home and although once they are in, there’s only one way to get them out – annihilation – knowing where they come from should probably help you avoid the hazard in the future.

So where do bedbugs come from?

It is indeed a misconception that bed bugs reside in areas where there is poverty and unhygienic conditions. Well, such conditions do give bedbugs plenty of place to hide, but we need to understand that bed bugs primarily need human blood to survive. Yes, they are also known to feed no the blood of the pets in our house, but for thousands of years, they have always preferred to feed off the blood of humans.

Bed bugs therefore do not differentiate in the living standards of people. All they are interested in is human blood to feed on. Therefore, they are as comfortable in a rich man’s bedroom as they are in a shanty!

So which are the preferred areas that bed bugs love to reside in?

Any location that has the presence of humans is a preferred one for bed bugs. Public places are a special favorite, as these places always have a moving crowd and there is always someone or the other to feed on!

Auditoriums, benches on bus or train stations, seats in cabs and on buses and similar locations are therefore regular joints for bed bugs. One visit to any of these locations and there is a high probability of you picking up a bedbug or two and depositing them in your house.

Hotel rooms are especially prone to bedbug infestations, thanks to the continuous flow of visitors from different places.

The higher the turnover of humans in a particular place, the higher the chances of bedbugs, and more often than not, these are the places that bedbugs come from.