How To Get Rid Of Black Ants

Ants make themselves welcome into our households every time spring and summer arrive and while these creatures are tiny and usually quite harmless, they do tend to get in our way in their quest to find food and take everything they can back to their nest.

Black ants are a common sight in many households during the hot summer months and what these species lack in size, they sure make up for in numbers!

Either black, jet black, or dark brown in color, black ants are a common sight in North America and while the worker ants can be as puny as 1.5 millimeters in size, it is only their queen that measures more, up to 4 millimeters. These ants are omnivorous and just about anything can be a part of their diet, from sweets and oily foods to even other insects.

Black ants are known to converge upon their area of foraging in large numbers and are therefore quite the nuisance when they decide to infest a household. That’s the bad news. The good news is that quite often, even simple home remedies like borax mixed with sugar powder, or a mix of peppermint oil, cayenne pepper powder, tea tree oil and water, will work against these tiny marauders.

However, if you wish to eliminate the nest and erase even the last traces of the black ant population from your home, the best solution is to call upon the services of a professional pest control team.

These experts, after a thorough inspection of the extent of the problem, will not only provide a treatment to annihilate the ants that have taken over your house, but will also take measures like sealing of cracks etc., so that the problem stays at bay in the future.